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Update from the Chieftain


Hey it’s just George here, With an update on Zoppose. You can jump in the line for Zoppose here!

What is Zoppose? Zoppose is non-revolutionary, but very evolutionary. We want to make opinion into a product that people can sell online because opinion get’s peoples attentions! Zoppose is: This!

I’ve been slacking when’s it come to keeping you lovely people in the loop and i apologize for that. We’re making huge advancements every day with Zoppose and it’s important i keep you all up to date so you can enjoy the latest and greatest releases on the platform, here’s what we’ve got in the works;

- Founders Club As a special thanks to everyone receiving this email and because you’ve shown some faith in us we’ve added you automagically into the Founders Club, no invitation required! This means when you log into Zoppose one day in the future you’ll be sure of a very special surprise.

- ‘Me’ button The web has got the like button, the +1, enter the ‘Me’ button. At Zoppose we like to do things differently so we’ve developed a button that is always near the stuff you love, both on and off Zoppose and when clicked on associates your opinion with that content rather than you just liking it in that moment. This will ensure that you get recommended content which resonates with your views and you can enjoy because for once you haven’t just been shown something that a mate had been looking at. I get really hung up on this, there’s an article on this in the Zoppose blog if you want to read some more.

Now just in case you’re getting bored at this point, here’s something to keep you going -

- You can now access us at Although we’re taking our first baby steps, we’re ever closer getting to our Beta release and in preparation we’re now accepting sign ups through our main domain. You won’t need to go to now unless you really want to and for all company updates and information you can find us over at

- ‘Zoppose Labs’ Zoppose Labs are now live. Called “Zoppose Extras” they can be accessed through “” So we might not get any prizes for the name, not exactly original, but we’re all sick and tired of opening our blue colored social networking app (i wonder what that could be) and finding yet more features we didn’t want. Currently these new features are only open to developers so in the spirit of change we’ve devised Zoppose Labs which can be found up in the right corner by everyone and anyone, Tom, Dick, Harry and his dog. We’re currently trying out a new diary feature you can enable so keep tuned as we’ve got some exciting news arriving to a blog near you on that one in the very near future.

- Totems  Coming to a slider near you! We love our sliders on Zoppose, they give you the ability to add some color to your opinion and show the world not just what you’re thinking but by how much. You can probably see Not Awesome and Awesome currently on your Zoppose topic slider, soon you’ll be able to add Buy-Not Buy, say if we’re looking at a product or Not Go-Go if we’re checking out a location. It should be on Zoppose Labs by the end of the week so don’t forget to enable it and we’ll let you know through twitter ( - we will follow you back!) as soon as it’s up just so you don’t have to keep refreshing the page every 3 seconds in manic anticipation! 

- 350+ Signups and Counting After putting Zoppose through it’s paces with several debating societies, a few philosophy lectures and our original beta sign ups, we’ve managed to get ever closer to our first 500 users milestone, *que celebrations* but these are merely sign ups and not active users. Have no fear we designed these last few weeks to get as much feedback as possible and we’ve genuinely been drowning in it so thank you. The next month or so as we sort out the template issues and move into private beta, we need to be looking to get as many users as possible, active ones at that! Time will tell, fingers crossed.

Last of all some shout outs;

Special thanks to Chris Broad, the Henderson’s, Julian Hall, T. Jones and in particular.. you! Oh and the Zoppose Team. We’ve had a lot of great feedback in regards to the functionality of Zoppose. We think it’s there now and it’s time we tackled the ugly, offending, quite revolting look that is the design of the website. It’s been overlooked as we’ve been digging away at the foundations, making them just right but it’s time we turned our attention to it so it can be dealt with once and for all. For this, we’re gonna rely on the creative genius of everyone receiving this email as without you all and your precious comments there is no future to this project, so no pressure, i really rely on you lot, keep checking back on the site and see if it meets your seal of approval! We’re going to be releasing a new homepage in a few weeks as well so keep tuned :) As always you can do this by getting in touch with me through this email or my skype; georgel.johnston, i promise i’ll pick up! Oh and just if i didn’t mention it before - you can jump in the line for Zoppose here!

Over and Out,